Partners and Sponsors

Partner Organizations

Blue Robotics

Blue Robotics Blue Robotics is Cousteau Diver’s main partner organization for the assembly and shipment of Remora devices.


IWC Schaffhausen

IWC Schaffhausen In 2009, IWC sponsored the launch of Cousteau Divers. In 2016, IWC also sponsored the hardware purchase of the 50 first Remora devices, now used by scuba divers worldwide to help monitor the temperature of the Ocean.


A successful online crowdfunding campaign in 2015 helped raise enough funds to develop the Remora project beyond its original scope into what it is today. Furthermore, since 2009, hundreds of individual donors have contributed to the ongoing citizen-science mission of Cousteau Divers.


Donors who wish to remain anonymous have sponsored the development of the project.


Thanks to the many volunteers who donated their time, energy and expertise for the development of the project over the years.

Supporting Organizations

The Cousteau Society

The Cousteau SocietyCopernicus

Cousteau Divers operates under a license from the Cousteau Society to use the brands, images and intellectual property created by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his teams.

EUMETSAT – Copernicus

EUMETSAT – Copernicus

The combination of satellite surface and diver measurements using precision instruments will give vital knowledge of coastal ocean temperatures, and mean that we have further insight and understanding of these poorly understood regimes to further improve satellite products. In addition, overall improvement in the measurments of surface temperatures in these regions is crucial to better understand and manage the ocean.

OceanOPS - World Meteorological Organisation – Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission – UNESCO

OceanOPS - World Meteorological Organisation – Intergovernmental Oceanographic
                    Commission –

Cousteau Divers fully embraces the vision of the Odyssey Project, led by OceanOPS, and endorsed by the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. The Odyssey project calls on civil society to support the GOOS implementation and unlock the potential of citizens, ocean race sailors, divers, mariners, NGOs, and private sector, to ensure a more complete knowledge of the ocean and the atmosphere above it, delivering data for effective prediction of how the ocean and climate may change in coming years. OceanOPS expresses its support for the Cousteau Divers – Remora device.

SCRIPPS Oceanographic Institute

SCRIPPS Oceanographic Institute

Citizen science programs can be extremely helpful in filling in the gaps in data collection. We can use the information collected by divers to monitor global changes in the ocean. Access to real time information is critical and the data produced would supplement our long-term data sets, advance our knowledge of coastal regions, and help us to quickly identify changes in the ocean.


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